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Fake Hospital is a gynecological clinic that admits women with various needs for medical attention. The clinic has professional doctors who give their patients full body examination before recommending any treatment. Through medical research in the clinic, they have come to realize that many of the ailments that affect their patients can be treated through cum injections into their body system.


And as you will see, they prefer giving the dosage orally or injecting it through the women’s pussies and asses. But before any cum injections are done, the ladies are given full body examination to find out what kind of ailments they are suffering from. Breasts and nipples are examined (for breast cancer maybe), asses are studies and pussies are rubbed and examined in detail. And when the women become horny in the process, they are given the doctor’s cock to suck. They also have their legs opened for pussy eating and fucking on the examination table. You will also see women bending over the table and receiving some great anal treatments.

The whole action is captured through hidden cameras that are place in the examination rooms. The doctor also seem to have a camera mounted on his glasses since we also get some great POV moments where we get the opportunity to see the action in close range. There are some really good close-up shots of oral, pussy and anal fucking in the mix. The hidden camera videos are also great in quality and can be enjoyed in MP4s and QuickTime formats with specs of up to 1920×1080 pixels @ 5 mbps.

Fake Hospital is fairy new though and has about 38+ movies that members can enjoy. They also promise at least two new videos within a week so you can expect more stuff within your subscription period. There are no bonus sites on offer but you can stream more than 800 DVD scenes with your password. The DVDs are not as good as the main content in quality but they are still worth a look since they feature very hot amateur girls between 18 to 23 years old and even older ladies.

I really love this fantasy and the way it is played out. The setup makes it appear like a real clinic, the doctors are wearing dust coats as expected and the girls are very submissive to the doctors and do everything they are asked to do without hesitating. If you love this kind of fantasy and reality action, then you can’t miss out on this membership.