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The weather here has the temperament of a woman. No, I’m not being sexist. It starts off fairly warm in the morning, then gets intolerably hot and humid in the afternoon, rains with a vengeance on the evening and on particularly hot days you get to experience apocalyptic thunderstorms, if you’re lucky a lightning might strike your neighbor’s house. Then it calms down to a gentle cool breeze in the later part of the evening. You’ll never really know what to expect, just like women riding cabs in the broad daylight. They’d think fake taxis only happen in the evening, when in the world today they don’t really care about the time so long as they want it. Lét’s see their expertise through Fake Taxi.


No wonder they call it mother earth, everything is so unpredictable. Apparently i’m in a state of suspended animation, alive but not living, while the rest of the world moves on i’m still hibernating even in summer. the ice cold state hasn’t thawed yet and everything seems to be pointing anywhere. Unlike these fake taxis, I have no clear direction.

So maybe that’s why the universe has conspired to make me witness them through FakeTaxi, where a phony cabby would drive along the streets, picking up only women, and when he picks up, he would come up with a plan to make her feel like she needs his help and that’s when all the rest of history happens.

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