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One of my favorite TV series, to date, is Arrow. You know, the hood, the green, from the awesome DC Comics’ The Green Arrow. And, I can never forget an episode where Stephen Amell said that people in this world are just doing a dance but they never really get too close to each other, and that they actually should so as to make everything move forward.


The case is otherwise when it comes to explicit parties. Everyone just goes wild and no one ever inhibits themselves to do what they want. They just simply get to the center stage and then gag a cock or a cock drills a vagina. If that is sort of your thing when it comes to porn, the right place to be at for you would be none other than the Dancing Bear. 

The Dancing Bear is one of the most fascinating porn sites that I have ever came to visit and subscribed to. First of all, it revolves around orgies and aren’t orgies always a pleasant to have? There may be no such thing as free meal but there is definitely free sex, and isn’t that better than meals? So long as you’re not hungry yet, yes, free sex is always the better option! And that’s what the Dancing Bear is all about — booze, fun, sex, magic, voila!

The rawr factor, that’s what the Dancing Bear gives you. Everything is just so exotic even though everything is set in the modern world. Every video shows people partying in the disco club, the bar and whatnot. They pretend to be that drunk even when they’re still a bit tipsy. Why? It gives them a good excuse to be horny. It conceals their intent to have sex with someone at the center isle. And that’s good, especially when women start to play that game. As far as numbers go, there are over 102 videos that each run at 80 minutes each on average. There are also hundreds of picture sets worth paying a skin through every now and then. Last but not the least, the subscription is very cheap which only runs at 14.95 dollars a month. Enjoy!