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Viv Thomas and lesbians…now that sounds like a good deal of fun! And lucky for you this website is completely filled with lusty lesbian content. They have 1340+ videos inside; they also make many HD movies. You can tour the website to see many various hot creative titles that just hint at the fiery pleasure of lesbian sex, gorgeous bodies, and many female orgasms. Viv has been in the industry going on 30 years strong, so there is a lot of experienced variety that is on offer here.


Being active, keeping active, these are things that this website does very well. They have 750+ models that take part in 2650+ picture galleries plus the movies we mentioned. Interviews and behind scene footage is given as a sort of bonus, and also as a way of seeing the sexy models under a different perspective. The homepage is organised and neat, contains different tabs and menu options including blog, menu, pics, models, and so on. They have lists inside that show the selected model of the month; members are commenting, links to social media platforms are given for you to enjoy.

The producer is a maniac when it comes to keeping the production levels high inside this website. They make continuous updates through the week. As you sample the videos, no doubt you will notice the variations that the creative Viv puts into the videos. They clearly do not want you to feel like you are watching the same stuff all the time, so the performances are made to be different. You will also find other niches like legs, anal, foot fetish, orgies, threesomes, licking, and touching and even solo action. The models range in body traits from the simple sexy small tits, to the flexible long legs, fit body, blondes, redheads, and other European ladies.

Since one person is in charge of the overall production, since everything passes through Viv, there is consistency in the partisanship of the content that he displays here. The pictures are high resolution, 2000+ pixel resolution settings, and the picture galleries contain crazy sexy content. When that erotic mind of his finds something worth snapping, there is no hesitation on his part since he already has all the skills to make great content. Movies inside this place can play for 20 to 30 minutes and that is definitely enough time to see everything, nice and slow. You will get hundreds of videos in HD resolution. There are full movies inside that come with membership, they can be seen online in clip versions or bought as full movies and enjoyed.

The official result for the inspection done on Viv Thomas is that this is a website that requires your special consideration! They are good at their selected lesbian productions, website is user friendly, and they are committed to their members. You should check them out!