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From magazine, now to the online site, porn fans have something to smile about! Many remember the days of the magazine and how porn was such a hustle to get. Now the hustle is all gone thanks to the wonderful technology called the INTERNET!

You will be able to get a free preview of the kind of action that these guys love to produce. Once you have that small taste, you will feel the desire to see more. And more is what you will have with well over 2000 films and scenes inside this site.

The scenes have been snatched from various DVD titles, some famous while others no so well known. The thing that they have in common is that they come from penthouse!

You will have a flash player that is said to be high definition (which is true) and also windows media and mp4 file formats. These are also in HD formats. So choose whichever tickles your erotic bone!

These guys are no slouches when it comes to producing porn. They have some of the best variety including their ever so notorious “PETS”. Hardcore, gals, solo, and lesbian are all niches that are available. Behind-scene material, as well as interviews, can be found inside. You will have access to well over 3622 picture sets inside this site.

These pictures are just like the magazine ones, beautiful, sensual, seductive, glossy, high quality, and high res. They have by now a huge number of females and models and pets inside their site. The material inside the archive section stretches well into the 70s, so you will have lots to look at inside.

Your daily dose of updates is never something that is far off when you are with these guys. They have interactive features onboard including blogs and even some reviews. And with the 3D craze going around, you get to participate since this site has 3D material inside their galleries. You finally have 3 bonus sites to offer you more of that “Penthouse Good Stuff” that we all cannot get enough off!

Any reviewer who says that the discount does not deserve top marks when it comes to material, models, quality, and site design is a flat out liar! Once you get you membership for this site, you will be able to disprove all the naysayers plus you will have all that penthouse has to offer. Recommendation is you stop wasting time and join them now!