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It doesn’t always take more than one man to make the perfect creaton of anything random. Truth is that sometimes it’s a woman who does all of the necessary work. The funny thing about this is that most people would be surprised because of the naturality of their gender bias. But to be a testament to all of the amazing women out there, we have Silvia Saint who proves to us that the perfect porn site is sometimes planned and pursued by a woman alone. With the site going by her name, it surely does all of the honoring.


Like the way I pick the right battles to fight for, I choose the right porn sites. I do not just immerse myself into something that might as well be as shallow as its cause. But this one, coming from the genius of someone who has been an actress herself, an expert of sexual exhibitions, with a perspective that only she among other professional porn stars can see, surely this will not fail to meet and even go beyond your set expectations. The site has been going on for over a year now and it continues to progress by number essenced by a quality level that outlives other nominated sites out there. That does all of the explaining as to why it has been awarded as best solo porn site of the year for the previous AVNs.

You will get to know who Silvia Saints really is and it would come to your surprise that she is actually one of the most seen porn actresses in so many videos and that you just didn’t know her name. With that, you can surely attest that all of her videos are the best and that she would be able to bring something different to the porn arena. Currently, there are right about 900 videos for you to watch together with 500 photo sets. These videos can either be streamed or downloaded in HD. The updates happen every week and you will get to experience Silvia herself in so many videos either as a cameo or a lead actress.

Silvia Saint definitely raises the bar of all the solo-run porno sites out there. To be fair though, in her cause she is now accompanied by several other talents responsible for the visuals and edits. Furthermore, this one porno site surely removes all of your doubts and hesitations with its definite consistency.