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The situation of joining the Reality Lovers pornsite is great, first when you check out the tour page they are teasing you with this amazing looking female telling you to scroll down! You do scroll down, as you start learning this place is about hotter than imaginable hardcore porno in virtual reality 3d settings. According to the site, you can even first try out free VR porno so you can get your bearings on what is happening! Virtual reality is exploding the very fabric of the mind of people who thought they knew about film, because it’s really the next generational leap forward.


You have to get yourself a headset, which have the capability of playing the special HD virtual reality films.

For this website they have multiple VR headsets compatible with videos here, the common suspects you can have include Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift. Any help in knowing what you need to play the films correctly is definitely online, and the help and forum section of this website are going to be littered with information you can use.

Already the films in virtual reality mode will be massive files compared to any normal resolution films you have been used to. The space needed when downloading thus has to be large enough, plus you have to make sure the speed your on (internet) is fast and secure. This helps a lot when streaming, the vids will just play on without interruption. There is an option of just having HD mp4 files, no need for using the headsets with these videos, they are normal 2D perceptive. If you really get into the VR world, it’s hard to not appreciate the sort of pov they have. It’s largely more engrossing. Anyway, the details of the films here for VR offer 180-degree viewpoints, plus an intense sound quality to match.

The girls and the categories are mixes and matches allowing for different types of sex vids. Bdsm, Asian, bjs, insertions, Latina, milfs, teens, rough sex, orgies, teabagging, tribbing, stripping, etc, its different odds and ends from a vast creative field of hardcore. Because of this, there is no shortage of interaction that you have with the content, and in fact, the site has links to social media (facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter, etc). You have to get and use your VR glasses; they don’t give them to you with membership here. Since the site is new with a couple of dozen videos so far, well that’s another thing you’ll have to consider. But, Reality Lovers pornsite is updating, so keep an eye on them!