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I still walk my way to school. Walking is good because it allows you to think about the value of each step that you make. I think students no longer walk because they fear being taunted. Sometimes, they just don’t find meaning and purpose in doing so. I guess to be fair enough, I had my reasons and motivations, and they were enough to keep me active. Silly it may sound, it was because I wanted to save my allowance and just get to buy my favorite adult magazines beyond the knowledge of my parents. I had an older friend who would buy them on my behalf, but this time around, I still walk even if there’s the digital version of the mag which is a lot better because of its more exciting features. I owe all the best to walking, so I dedicate this review for that matter.


A lot of people would revile the porn industry for what it is. They would say it’s a monster that corrupts the mind of young souls, making them grow old as the same monsters they should have been avoiding their whole life. I beg to differ, because as proven by this magazine company, porn is actually an art and they have started with the tease by the limits of what the mag could only show. But this time, there’s no holding them back and more surprisingly, all their models are up for the full blown action of the more daring side of their market. It’s just truly amazing to see your favorite models with no constraints, just flaunting their bodies into the full pursuit of the porn action.

Playboy TV has never failed to entertain me with its unique gigs that never show the same thing on every issue. They know how to innovate and all the more that has become a greater truth through this amazing digital version that showcases a much vaster scope of their visions. Giving you access to over 5,000 videos exclusively made by the mag company, all nude videos, I don’t believe there can be anything more of a personal nirvana than this one. Choose videos based on your model preferences or based on the series you wish to subscribe to. Or you can simply just randomize the selection, for every video has the power to turn your wheels on and just get going with that masturbating business of yours.

There is more to Playboy TV than its videos. It goes back to its origins, which means you get an all-access pass to their archives. All the issues that you have missed or have never come to know, they’re all here for you to savor. It’s the best time to live with all these premium porn content from the best nude magazine across the globe.