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If God was actually a person just like me, like you, like most of every human would love to imagine. So, just like you, like everyone else, he needs to have something we can call a personality, then what would it have to be? I spent at least ten minutes watching and helping the ant get back to it’s feet. The ratio of our sizes according to google is roughly about 1:660. That means my entire body length is six hundred sixty or more ants lined together. Hypothetically, the vastness of the contents of Perfect Gonzo would be as good a proportion as that, with me being the ant. Let’s leave that for now and talk about this amazing porn site.


Now, if God, who in his greatness encompasses the universe ( let’s leave the multi-verse theory for now because it will complicate things exponentially), is able to spend ten great minutes of his endless time Looking over one human being among the six billion who, are just a speck of a mere creature, living within one speck of a huge planet, revolving around a fucking speck of a sun, within a galaxy (a speck of it) which is in a speck of a universe floating around other similar existences. The point here is that Perfect Gonzo is your multi-verse of a porn site amalgamating all of the sites created by AXS Charge, which we’ve all grown to know as a visionary in the porn industry.

The ratio and proportions are astounding. to think that for one moment, a being so powerful would devote so much time listening to complaints, requests, apologies, thank you’s and stuff we humans say everyday. To the God which is P. Gonzo, it is truly amazing that 1,745 scenes have become available for its subscribers, all offering hardcore scenes and baffling HD quality that can make the whole picture seem so vivid. With the videos being 40 minutes of lewd fun to watch, it’s going to be a full movie treat for all of its avid members.

In addition, the script of every video is quite convincing enough to make the viewer believe that the scenes that led to the sensual conclusion actually happened in real life. So much for that, Perfect Gonzo is the multi-verse of a porn site you have been incessantly looking for.