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First impressions are always so important. That is why ATK Petites has worked hard to make a good first impression. They look so delicious and hot from the outside, we hope that it’s the same case inside!


As you can tell from the name, you are going to find petite women. And you know that ATK does nothing but young sexy gals. So add those two and what you have is dynamite!

The ATK Petites site promises that you will find lesbian, solo, strapon sex, hardcore, and masturbation action inside. They say they have girls teasing and stripping until you just want to explode your jizz! These are the kind of promises we like so we ventured deeper to see if they deliver!

First, oh yes they definitely deliver! They might even deliver more than they promise because everything was just so damn perfect! They have lots of gals, lots of amateur, lots of high quality.

The way things are supposed to work is that you search for the material you want and get results. You can also opt to go for the model index. Here, you will browse the various girls, find links to their material and get on with your pleasure. The videos and pictures have their own sections inside this site. Any glitches that you may come across should not put you off since this site is good at fixing glitches!

And if the features and buttons and links are not your primary reason for joining this site, then the petite, young babe, amateur-porno must be the reason! The coeds, hairy, Asian, ebony, fetish, and various other hardcore niches cover you with material that is grand and super erotic. The 600+ models inside are diverse in their look and skill-set. That means they make diverse material.

There is information about the models. You will see her preferences, sexual fantasies, bio, and then her links to pictures and movies. The style of shooting and producing the films will impress you because it’s 1) quality and 2) completely sexual. You also have different formats for different reasons made for different members!

For streaming you have flv player and there is this marvelous windows media HD file formats that we just couldn’t get enough of. They also had mp4, QuickTime, and mobile file formats. The films just look so lively and sharp…simply the best! The pictures from the pro cameramen are amazing to look at. Even if the file is large, you can download it using the versatile ZIP file. The amateur feel is there for the pics and the movies.

The site adds updates daily with pictures and movies. They have high calibre production. It’s a sinch to navigate and get all the petite gals you want. Our conclusion is this…join ATK Petites, don’t think about it, just do it! Trust us; you will have a real blast inside!