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One of the gravest mistakes I have ever come across is when people say that erotica and porn are the same. It’s true that they lay bear common grounds. They have lots of things in common, but they have differ by essence. Porn is simply women going all nude and fucking nude men. That’s pretty much it. With erotica, there is something more. There is a story and the characters truly matter beyond just them being naked and fucking each other. Therefore, erotica is more profound because it has a rather artistic approach that commands for everyone to feel. You’ll see how that goes with Sapphic Erotica and with a twist!


What’s the twist in this porn site? I originally thought that Sapphic went to men Sapphire and I was not wrong at all. And you know what Sapphire denotes? Women. Yes, you got the idea right there. This is an erotica kind of porn site, but it’s about women fucking their fellow women and that makes it way beyond epic if you ask me. What you should know too is that this is not necessarily a lesbian porn site. It’s just a mass of curios women, curious enough to delve into the sexual experiences that they would be able to reap from their same fellow ladies.

A thing that I have realized from this porn is that when two women have sex, they are way hotter than a man and woman fucking because they know exactly what each other wants so even without a penis, they can just improvise or use anything that’s necessary as an alternative to a real penis. What better way can you know the other’s desires than to be of the total same gender as hers, right? But we go to the erotica part and that’s pretty much exhibited by the moans and intense facial reactions the women here give off as they fuck on another.

As of today, there are currently 250 videos that you can gain full access to. These videos range from 25 minute clips to 60-minute full movies. 900 photos are available in the gallery. All these can not only be streamed and viewed but can also be downloaded for as much as you want. 40 models are currently available in the model index and the site updates every 2 weeks.

There’s more to Sapphic Erotica than I have spewed. It’s like a mystery of all the most curious girls out there. That mystery is for you to unravel now.