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Not all couples that we have come across would certainly make it work like the couple of Kelly and Ryan inside the website – PornFidelity. Some married people are too jealous to do the things inside this website. Others are lacking the cravings and the free spirit that Mrs. Madison and her husband have by the truckloads! What’s going on here is a couple who have decided to share outside pussy with each other. You know Kelly from her pornstar career, and the husband has always supported her. For this, the husband gets to enjoy Kelly’s friends, pornstar buddies, females and teens that the couple seduces to their bed.


The scenarios are, Kelly having threesomes with hubby and outsider female. Or husband doing it with other women. Or Kelly doing it with other ladies. Overall result is a website with content for the purpose of making you nut all over your jeans! Sometimes marriages go stale because of lack of desire. One way of sparking things up is to have outsiders join in on the sex sessions to introduce a new level of thrill. This swinging couple has been in the industry enjoying this sort of relationship for a while now.

It makes sense for them to films and shows these films to members; and to create a business out of their pleasure of fucking other ladies. Kelly is bisexual, or has those inclinations, while Ryan the husband is the luckiest sob on this planet! He gets none of the jealousy, but plenty of big tits, anal, cumshots, blowjobs, facials, and orgasms from the many conquest that the couple show in their sex videos.

Let’s start with the Porn Fidelity problems because they are few and we want to get them out of the way. There is the limit of 20gb daily, only really felt when you save the bigger film files in 4K hd res. There’s only one format so far used for downloading. If you go for the very first videos and pics, quality is anything from normal res to low and high HD res is for recent videos. These are few issues, not overshadowing the really big talents of this website. Videos are fun to see, filmed to be this way with silly humor here and there. They are also all hardcore.

Numbers include BTS videos, which come as bonus videos from the website. Both owned and run by the couple. Like hinted before, the videos have HD resolution. Surfing is no problem. Features are many, personalized information inside Kelly blog, links to her other projects, etc, these things are all there. The only other thing to know is that the PornFidelity discount still is active updating. Now it’s time to stop reading, go see what is here for your entertainment, there will be no disappointments.