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In philosophical terms, we are all but the sum of our decisions, and the pornsite LifeSelector (with its interactive appeal) is going to help you make some very unique decisions for sure! Controlling how your story unfolds is something that many conventional pornsites really don’t provide members with. The filmmakers just make the hardcore films according to how they think porn fans like it, and porn fans don’t have much say in it. But interactive porno inside this website lets you become something much more…a new age type of director-slash-performer in the films made here! You can become any number of “fantasy people” including a cop, gym instructor, executive, boyfriend, or any other role-playing part that you want to be. Let’s discuss how all this innovative style of production has come to be inside this website.


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Once you have done your first selections and gone all the way to the finish, it should be easy to navigate through other lines of stories inside and reach that enjoyment climax several times with different hot babes. The filming of the stuff here is a mixture of professional POV scenes that will have you wagging your erection all around the room with pre-excitements! You can make use of your computer browser to play any of these movies online. It’s actually kinda easy to do this.

You can click on chapters, go back, skip, and move easily with their versatile online player that they have for you. And when you log out, but you have yet to finish a certain thrilling scene, you can come back and pick off right from where you left. It cannot be said that they make the interactive hardcore not easily accessible, because they provide members with all the tools they need. You’ll find many niches to fawn over, variety of pussy and tots, beauty, skin tones, hair color, body physiques and so on.

They have no way of saving the films, streaming online being your only option. Material is described, and material is filmed in HD resolution. LifeSelector does have enough material to land high on the recommendation list; they are a producing genius studio that is making everyone talk about them in glowing reviews. What a fine role-playing treat this will be for you, check them out.