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It’s the time of the day again when I would resign to my sarcophagus and leave the activities to diurnal creatures who can withstand the blistering sunlight that wishes to penetrate my thick and dark curtains, threatening to immolate my eternally dead flesh and reduce me to ashes. This is how I feel every time I go to sleep and remember my ex. But I have found a way to hack that part and just be positive. It’s by watching videos through a porn site called I Know That Girl. And yeah, you know you’re thinking it right, so let’s review it real quick.


We all have limitations, every human. Mind power, body power. Even the greatest dead scientists and greatest dead conquerors, whoever they are, had limitations. Even in the name of love, we have to withdraw from the relationship sometimes and move on because pushing it forward could only worsen the damage. But in this site, the guys are able to still make use of their exs. It would be as boy toys and the girls have no problem about it. Such a mutual consent means everything and it’s beautiful when the girls give it.

Our exs, they were like us in some corners of life, with the familiar quota of shortcomings, with the familiar maledictions of imperfections. Proof, they are no longer with us cause they have already accomplished all the limitations, and ours is just ahead of us. If you look at the IKnowThatGirl site, you’ll see how professional all the girls are with such convincing words and action. When the ex comes in the home, she would still entertain him and fuck him as he would want to fuck her. Now you get 258 of that in this site lasting for at least 25 minutes each with the whole sequence and the buildup of the plots. You can choose to download some videos per day or just stream the content at home to be safe. But who cares, you’re trying to cheer yourself up from the breakup. This is the tool for you!

I Know That Girl has the simplest yet most effective site interface. It’s so easy to maneuver even for the most basics users and you can easily open the videos without further ado.