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When coed sisters are out there trying to find new recruits for their sorority, they definitely have to haze these gals to find out the level of commitment that each shows, and inside the site Haze Her, you get to see this process unfold. It becomes sexual when the gals are being fucked by dildos or human cocks, when they are being masturbated, spanked, punished, stripped naked, and caressed by the other older sisters. The humiliation is always of a sexual nature and the tormentors have fun games with the soft young firm bodies of the new sister coeds.


Who else do you expect to come up with twisted fetish reality niche like this other than the big Bang Bros Network huh! That’s who gives this site the backing and expert porn producers to make the quality brand of porn that they make. The main page of the site gives you an idea of the kind of updates you will be getting. The episodes are full of previews of sisters sucking fake strapon dildos, coeds covered in oil, washed, coeds kissing, masked, and various sexual games. The action takes place in the dorm, the outdoors, and the initiation of the fresh ladies is very entertaining to watch.

The dirtiness of the sexual humiliation is never taken to the mad extremes but the young gals are put through various chambers of initiation with the promise that if they get through them they can embrace their older sisters and be part of the family. There is especially a lot of sister on sister kind of material with pussy eating shared across the board from the pledges to the established sisters doing the hazing. On very special occasions, the guy is invited to provide the shlong that is used to pleasure the gals. You will not be sitting there thinking that these guys lack any creativity when it comes to making the content. They show you many different ways they can produce kinky material that is well shot and filmed. The style of shooting remains to be amateur and you will find many amateur young ladies, who are cute and sexy.

You can find forty-minute films and these are broken into clips if you want (around ten minutes). The site contains the formats like flv, mpeg, wmv, mp4 that are good for streaming and downloading. Many of the new updates are high definition with episodes having information like number of views, time, rating, and title. They have 2000pixel resolution high quality images for you. The zip file is instrumental for easy downloads. If you want coed and student sex material, young gals tormented and hazed, porno with a fun element and twist in it, nice productions, reliable site, then we think that Haze Her will work nicely for all you. There are lots of things to explore, so why not cruise by and see what deal you can get from this site!