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There are 890 videos at FTV Girls and they can all be streamed or downloaded in several formats. FTV means first time video and there is something new added to the website everyday which is great for long time fans of the website. The videos are 8 minutes each and that is enough to get the goose pumping of an average cock.

In fact, one can cum several times during that 8 minute span. The content in the members are is big enough for a member to cum many times in a month. There are 500 different girls, 650k photos and 293,000 MB of video. There are 890 photo sets and each set has 75 pictures each. There are a bunch of recognizable names on this website and that includes the always daring Taylor Rain. There are no airbrush skills needed for the ladies on FTV Girls as they show off their natural beauty to whoever wants to become a member.

The person who made the videos should win some points for his creativity as the girls here do things we never thought they would do like the time when one girl stuffs a pair of stockings deep inside her cunt. It sounds really disgusting but these girls really rise up to the challenge.

The girls are also challenged to put the FTV toy insider their pussies. The FTV toy is a big butt plug so you can only imagine how difficult it must be for each girl to put this horrible thing in their pussies. In fact, only a few girls decided to take the challenge of putting it in their asses. Only some girls managed to squeeze it into their pussy and only one girl was able to put it way down there. Some of the videos are actually taken while a photo shoot is going on. That means it is like a behind the scenes cover of what is going on in the shoot since you can hear the instructions from the camera man.

Some videos show a girl masturbating herself until she reaches orgasm which is totally different from what happens in a photo shoot. The main page of the FTV Girls member’s area lists every update that happened on the website for the past 5 months whether it is a picture set or a video. There isn’t going to be any hardcore sex here but you probably won’t miss it because the scenes here are imaginative.