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Don’t you wish studying at college? Most people would probably say no but the opportunity to get together with hot college girls is just to hard to reject. There are some wild videos on Dare Dorm and one video shows two groups playing beer pong until it becomes a strip beer pong which obviously made it more interesting.


It does not take long before they all get drunk and have sex with each other which made it an orgy. The girls even smile for the camera which makes you wonder whether or not that was really user submitted since that is what they want us to believe. The premise of the Dare Dorm website is that each video here is user submitted since there is a cash prize being offered for the best video. Sometimes, it takes long before it gets to the good part as some girls decide to pull some pranks on other girls. Because of that, it can be concluded that some of the videos are indeed made by amateurs if not all of them.

There are only 74 photo sets here despite the fact that there are so many colleges out there which means a lot of horny girls. The girls here are pretty hot and the guys are males who would love to fuck in front of the crowd. There is one video where the girls make a mess out of a room then a bunch of guys come in then the girls make them clean everything up. The guys do exactly that and the girls decided to make it up to them by giving them blowjobs then getting on top of them while both of them get naked. The girls are laughing all the time while they tease the guys but in the end, the guys were glad they cleaned the room since they get to fuck hot chicks.

Despite Dare Dorm being a bit gimmicky, it’s clear that the network deserves naughty credit for having some of the most seductive videos in the industry. And with the discount, there shouldn’t be much hesitation joining.