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The only sad part about College Rules is that their videos can only be streamed and never downloaded. The worries stop there as there are 36 episodes here with over 40 minutes each and they contain non stop hardcore fun. There are times when the students would go the creative route with their videos as there was even one time when there was a dick measuring contest.


For some reason, the fellows lined up in order to see who got the tallest cock. It was pretty obvious that all their cocks were gonna get sucked and humped by the coeds behind the contest. They never regretted bringing out their cocks to the delight of the ladies even though some of them look really disgusting. The fun part is most of them really look like amateurs which means you would know that they are not that used to doing it. The content is pretty good but we were let down with the fact that there were only 36 videos since that is such a small number.

Each video comes with a separate photo set and each gallery contains about 300 images. The pictures are not worthy of being mentioned as done by professionals but they still came out better than expected despite the fact that they were done by amateurs. This website could still improve on a lot of levels before they can be called as one of the great websites out there.

All the content on College Rules is pretty exclusive so there is no chance you will see the videos here anywhere else. It is always great to get something new instead of seeing the same old names doing the same old stuff. You will surely get your dick had when these clueless amateurs get hooked into the fun since most of the videos happen in night clubs. The girls get drunk and it is pretty obvious what happens after that. It is pretty obvious that these students would love to do wild things like blowing off horny fat guys and nerds just to get creative. It is obvious they won’t feel good after doing that though. Time to join College Rules it seems!