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Brazzers is one of the best, if the site of the year award is anything to go by. Clients get access to 30 sites all of which have at least one thing in common, big breasts, big asses, and huge corks. That is however not to imply that this site is limited in any way, it has a lot to give.


Though the content is a lot, navigating the site isn’t hard at all. For instance, to get to a specific website, all you have to is point your cursor at the “explore” tab and then click on the “sites & niches” tab. You can also get scenes acted by your favorite model and scenes that feature specific acts just by simply typing in keywords. That’s how easy it is to get around Brazzers.

Bringing all the files from all the sites together, you get 5,437 videos and about 5,325 photo galleries. Furthermore, some of the sites ensure they bring in at least one new movie each and every week, so you are sure of not running out of your favorite porn videos. What’s even better is that most of the videos come in at least one HD format and they can all be streamed through an embedded flash player. Most of them can also be downloaded in full length or in specific scenes. The videos will come either with a set of pictures most of the times or vid caps in some cases. Use the brazzers discount to take complete advantage of both price and quality instantly.

The pictures on the other hand aren’t very large when viewed online, but they come in high resolution when downloaded in zip files. The one thing that both these sites have in common is that they charge quite a fair fee for membership considering all the great deals you get. Other than that, the content is great and you can be guaranteed of a continuous and ever fresh supply of your favorite movies day in, day out. There are a lot to experience on Brazzers.