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The website 18Eighteen also has the print version, which was quite remarkable in the olden days. Since the internet came along and just stole three-quarters of the market, it has been common to see such publications turn to online websites over the years. The American market has changed since the internet age in the nineties. Nowadays competition is all online and these guys don’t want to be left out in the cold. Since 98, they have been here online, giving themselves the chance to be able to capture crowds with their young models.


These guys are from the consortium of The Score Group, a studio with other glamorous projects online and in publication. The volumes of updates that you have are added accordingly during the week giving you 2 videos and 3 picture albums. Of course this is not a certainty, sometimes there is less content, but always there is content added weekly. The models are cast from the US and from various European countries too. They are all very young beauties and come with personality that is only seen in amateur females. There is the staging of the girls as school babes, among other fantasy things.

The 18 Eighteen videos you’ll like because they are hardcore. The young babes are happily engaged in sex fucking that also shows them in solo acts of masturbation. Some of the girls just graduated and are into finding the largest thing to insert in their bodies to make them cream orgasms. There is nice story telling of course, not so much invested in plot rather to just get you to the sex scenes. There is a fair amount of fantasy here and the films are in the hands of experienced practitioners. This means classical professional layout for the videos, plus that twinge of amateur mischief.

Clips are in high definition and you do have to pick the 1080p videos to appreciate the beauty of these girls. There are also 720p videos. But also know that some of the videos, maybe like two fifths of them are not in the HD resolution. It’s not an oversight; they just are older videos that were shot way back. Maybe they will be converted in due time to HD. However, they do seem to have clean-enough playbacks to be enjoyed. The photographs are many here. And you’ll have many posing babes in glamour style views.

Remember they did start out in print, so they have that experience of glossy magazine picture shoots. With your pc or mobile device, you can login. Surfing is simple and connections for file transfers are fast. There is bonus videos, you’ll love what this 18Eighteen discount has done with the time and dedication that they have put into making the content here. That is the chief reason why you should join them.